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The Autistic Experience

101 Neurodivergent Voices Finally Heard

Having noticed the big gap between the autistic community and their perception by doctors/therapists, we have decided to write a book that would allow us to create a bridge between autistic people and the general public/medical community. We want our book to include many testimonials written by autistic people describing their lives, so our book can be representative of people who are actually autistic. 

If you're interested in participating, you can share your story with us in French or in English, either in written form (using the questionnaire) or orally (we can organise a zoom/skype call or meet face to face if you live in Switzerland). If you're interested, please contact us ( or 078 210 30 90)


At the end of this texte, you’ll find a questionnaire you can fill out if you’d like to share your experiences with us. Know that you do not have to answer every question nor every section (just the ones you feel comfortable answering) and that you may answer using as many words as you’d like. 


Feel free to let other autistic people know about this so we can get as many testimonials as possible! The more testimonials we’ll get, the more inclusive and representative our book will be. We might not be able to include each person’s experience in our book, but we will try to include as many as we can. Also, please be aware that by sharing your experience with us, you are giving us your consent in sharing your testimonial in our book. Your testimonial will not be used for any other purpose other than this book. Any work you share with us is voluntarily offered for no monetary compensation, but you maintain legal ownership and copyright of it. 


Our book will be written by two people: Joe James - an autistic neurodiversity specialist - , and me, Marie-Laure Del Vecchio - a professional psychologist and psychotherapist - . We want to keep both perspectives included in the book and to make sure the autistic community is respected and well-represented throughout our book. The goal of this book is for the voices from the autistic community to finally be heard. We hope that fellow autistics can learn from your experience and might relate to it, and we also hope that the general public and professional institutions can learn from it in order to make the world a more autistic-friendly place.

There's no set deadline, but the sooner we get your story, the easier it will be to incorporate it in our book.

Joe James & Marie-Laure Del Vecchio

The authors

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