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About me...

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist and I work with individuals, couples and families. I can help you work on your relationships with your relatives, whether it’s with your partner, parents, siblings or kids. I work in two approaches, namely systemic and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

  • The systemic approach is interested in the system surrounding the person. Often, the context in which a person lives is a major cause of the distress the person is experiencing. Hence, it is important to focus the psychological work on the dynamics that can impact the person.

    More information about the systemic approach: Systemic practice

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy is an approach developed by Dr. Sue Johnson that is based on attachment theories. This approach is non-pathologizing and aims to work on the relationships we have with our attachment figures (our parents, our partner etc.) by allowing us to express our insecurities (fear of abandonment, of not being good enough etc.) in a vulnerable way, in order to facilitate communication. For example, couple conflicts often result from seemingly banal elements, but are actually about fundamentally human and universal fears such as “am I good enough for you?”, “do I make you happy?”, “are you thinking of leaving? ” etc. The therapy aims to allow people to connect to these feelings and to be able to share them with their partners in order to come out of incessant spirals of conflict.

    To know more about emotionally focused therapy: ICEEFT

Here’s a list of some topics we could work on…

  • Anxious symptoms: “I always feel kind of anxious”, “I sometimes have panic attacks” etc.

  • Emotional discomfort: “I find myself too emotional”, “I don’t feel any emotions” etc.

  • Difficulty asserting oneself: “It’s hard for me to say ‘no’ to people”, “I can’t set boundaries to others” etc.

  • Trouble communicating: “I can’t express how I feel”, “Every time we try to have a serious conversation we end up arguing” etc.

  • Trouble expressing anger and managing impulsiveness: “When I get angry, I hit/insult others” “I’m ashamed of my behaviours when I get angry but I can’t help it.” etc.

  • Autism: “I wish to learn to appreciate myself for who I am", “It’s hard for me to understand social interactions.” etc.

  • Fear of intimacy and commitment: “I tend to start a fight when I begin to feel vulnerable”, “I only have casual relationships in order to avoid my fear of abandonment.” etc.

  • Repairing attachment injuries: “He/she cheated on me, I can’t forgive him/her.”, “Even though I have apologized a billion times, we still can’t get over that one event.” etc.

  • Bidirectional conjugal violence (no minors exposed): “When we’re arguing, we often end up hitting each other.”, “We sometimes throw objects at one another when we’re in the middle of a conflict.” etc.

  • Difficulty becoming autonomous: “I am a young adult but my parents still treat me as a child.”, “I’m having a hard time feeling like an adult, I still feel like a teenager.” etc.

Obviously, that list is not exhaustive. If the topic you’d like to work on is not mentioned on that list, feel free to send me an email and I will gladly tell you whether that’s something I can help you with or give you a referral.

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